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What You Should Know About Boat Storage Units

For many people, boating has become a favourite pastime. It allows them to relax while having fun out on the water. When it comes to owning boats, one of the important factors people have to consider is how to store them properly. Due to the size of these marine vessels, finding the right storage solution can be a bit tricky, especially for people who don’t live near docks.

Fortunately, there are local self-storage facilities that can accommodate their needs. Many of these areas offer large storage units that can fit vehicles, caravans, and boats.  

Types Of Indoor Boat Storage

Usually, indoor boat storage solutions can be found in areas that are far from bodies of water or docks. One particular example is stacked storage facilities. Also known as a “boatel,” these facilities store boats on large racks that are located inside warehouses. The vessels are usually moved using forklifts that are operated by trained professionals. Since the boats are housed inside a warehouse, they are protected from the elements.

Some traditional storage facilities, or those that offer units for personal belongings, also have sheds that are large enough to accommodate vehicles. They are also used to store boats. Compared to stacked storage, this option is more convenient for owners since it provides them with ground-level access to their vessels. Also, the additional space inside the storage sheds allows them to keep other boating-related equipment.

Factors To Consider

When it comes to selecting an indoor storage solution, boat owners must first determine if their vessels can fit inside a storage unit. This can be easily done by measuring the boat’s dimensions and finding a shed that’s big enough.

Another important aspect to consider is the location of the storage unit. Ideally, it should be near large bodies of water for added convenience. For instance, renting boat storage units in Albury is practical for boat owners since it has nearby beaches and is home to Lake Hume.

Those looking to rent a storage shed for their boats should also consider their budget. Most facilities bill their clients on a monthly cycle, while others offer more flexible payment options. Being prepared for these regular charges can guarantee a smooth renting experience for boaters.

Benefits Of A Boat Storage Unit

For boat owners who do not have direct access to a dock or those who want to have added protection for their vessels, renting a self-storage unit is the best option. This solution also provides a number of benefits.

Frees Up Space

Probably the biggest advantage that self-storage solutions have to offer is how they can free up space in homes. Many boat owners prefer to keep their vessels at home or inside their garage. Although this option helps them save money by not having to pay for rental fees, it also prevents them from maximising the available space in their properties.

By taking the boat out and keeping it inside a storage unit, boat owners can free up a large amount of space in their house, which they can then use to store their other personal items, such as unused furniture, old clothes, and bulky holiday decorations.

Better Protection And Security

Another reason why many people prefer to keep their boats in storage facilities is due to the level of security they provide. Most facilities are equipped with various modern security features such as CCTV networks, fenced perimeter, and roaming security personnel.

The enclosed spaces of storage sheds also offer added protection for the boats. These sturdy units help make sure that the vehicles aren’t exposed to harsh weather conditions. Knowing that their high-valued investments are kept in a safe and secure facility can provide boat owners with peace of mind.

Convenience And Accessibility

Some outdoor storage options, such as marinas, have closing times, which means owners won’t be able to access their vessels any time of the day or night. Even stacked storage warehouses have limited visiting schedules since accessing the boats requires the assistance of a forklift operator.

Many self-storage facilities, on the other hand, offer 24/7 access to their customers. This feature allows people to visit the facility and enter their units anytime they please. In addition, a ground-level storage shed allows people to easily take out their boats without using a forklift or other heavy machinery.

Environmentally Friendly

Most people fail to realise that renting a storage shed for a boat also benefits the environment. Docks and boat lifts store vessels in or near bodies of water. This can be harmful to the marine ecosystem since like other motorised vehicles, boats are prone to leaking oil or fuel. When boats are kept in outdoor storage areas, these chemicals can reach the water.

This problem can be prevented by storing boats inside indoor or dry storage facilities. Since they are on dry land, they can minimise the risk of harmful chemicals contaminating the water.

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